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Constantin Dumitriu never stops trying to improve his guitars and these latest two guitars are no doubt the best I have seen from him to date. Dumitriu is still using his version of a “double top” guitar which still retain all of the great sonic qualities of his "Granada" inspired guitars he has built in the past but they have even more volume and  projection.  He does this with his new construction method which combines a cedar (or spruce) soundboard with a second ”top” of a wooden weave underneath the cedar along with a fan bracing system. This allows the top to flex more than a normal double top that is constructed with a nomex core and two skins. His two latest guitars pictured here also incorporate an arched back that has no braces. The result is a guitar that has amazing volume, separation and clarity.

Whatever construction method that is used, the proof is in the sound and this guitar has all the great sonic qualities that his older guitars were known for but with outstanding volume. Did I mention that this is a very powerful guitar?  Constantin Dumitriu has a fantastic new concept here that has the volume and drive of a double top along with the nuance and color palette that his guitars have been known for. If you are a performer that needs volume and projection or just a player who wants that extra drive without giving up tone or color you must try this guitar.

Madagascar Rosewood offered at $6300.00

Indian Rosewood offered at $5600.00